Recreational Youth Soccer Organization in WestManchester, NH

Sponsored By:   Merrimack Street Volvo


MJSLW Indoor Soccer


Indoor soccer for Manchester Junior Soccer League West is available at Fieldhouse Sports in Bow.  


Approximate session dates:

Winter Session #1:  Late Oct/Early Nov. to Mid January (12 weeks)

Winter Session #2  Mid/Late January to Mid/Late April (12 weeks)


General Dates and Times:

Days are subject to change based on demand from various age groups.

U6 Coed Saturday afternoons
U8 Coed Tuesday-Friday afternoons/early evenings
U10 Girls Sunday afternoons,
Thursday afternoons (4pm start)
U10 Boys
Saturday late morning/early afternoon, Monday
afternoons (4pm start)
U12 Girls
Sunday late morning/early afternoon, Wednesday
afternoons (4pm start)
U12 Boys Saturday mornings,
Tues. afternoons (4pm start)
U14 Girls Saturday afternoons/early evenings
U14 Boys Fri. evenings (4pm Start),
Sat. afternoons/evenings
Middle School
Sat. late mornings, Thur. afternoons (4pm Start)
U16 Girls Sunday afternoons/early evenings
U16 Boys Fri. and Sat. evenings